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Wig-Making Intensive Session (INDIVIDUAL CLASS)

Wig-Making Intensive Session (INDIVIDUAL CLASS)



Must know how to sew on a beginner level. If you do not know how to sew, please ask about the fastest way to be abe to join this class with our overview beginner's class.


If you are serious about your wig making journey and want an intimate setting, sign up now for this AWESOME closure wig-making class with a sewing machine. After the first few classes, we'll work on frontals and the 360 lace units. 


This intensive session will be 4- hours that starts at noon. ( Kennesaw,Ga). If you pay the $20 rate, this session is for basic sewing. 


Does any of this sound familiar? You have never used a sewing machine before? You take over an hour to stitch a wig. You have watched all the wig making videos on YouTube in the hope to become an expert but still can’t succeed. You struggle for hours making a wig and it end