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Check Out Our New Raw Indian Bundles!
Real Raw Indian hair gives you VARIETY!! This 100 % UNPROCESSED human hair is very diverse, which means the hair that is scarified by the general population of India. When you see different shades of brown to black from one single donor, it's because every donor isn't created equal. From dark to lighter hair colors, longer to shorter and it's wave patterns. Some people have naturally curly, straight and wavy virgin hair. Those are the textures and patterns you see in the image below. That is the beauty of how differently God created us, this particular sought after hair isn't uniform; it's raw, unprocessed and not a chemical touch involved to alter the patterns or quality. When you see the cost of these bundles being significantly higher, it's because this is the best quality hair in the market. 

rawindian hair.JPG
We're so excited to be starting back up our wig-making classes. You'll learn so much from these classes; think of it as an investment in yourself! Invest in your small business and save money by making your own wigs for your customers. We'll be holding weekly classes, but we also travel to you and work around your schedule. Subscribe to our email listing to schedule your first class for free. 

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