We offer a wide range of products and services. We carry all types of Virgin Hair Extensions, Wigs,clip-ins extensions, and custom wig construction. Shop from our wide range of hair extensions and wigs. And if you don't see a wig you like, we're able to work on a custom-created wig. After you've purchased a wig from us, we'll offer a complimentary wig placement on your first wig selection with us (for all closure wig/units). You must be local and willing to meet us at our store.

Balding closures and frontal aren't a good look. Let us get you back on track with our lace replacement services, even if we aren't using our hair.

We offer wig placement services for frontal to closure wigs. There's typically a wig revamp service charge, however, this is a cheaper option that having to buy an new wig. If you only have a balding lace with good hair extensions, your best bet is to just purchase our revamp service.​

Other things we offer: Wig construction classes & Medical prescription for Cranial Prosthesis; Alopecia, Chemotherapy, and any other underlying hair/scalp disorder. A hair prosthesis (or cranial prosthesis) is a custom-made wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions and some insurances will pay for your wig if you have a medical hardship. For info. to see if you qualify, please check with us directly.

How To Choose The Right Hair Extensions, Or Wig?

Life doesn't have to be perfect, but your hair will be. Check out our Brazilian hair bundles .

Whether you like a little pop of color, or a lot, we've got you covered!

purple haired woman in black top leaning on wall
purple haired woman in black top leaning on wall

The secret to an amazing color begins with a good foundation. For a successful hair color journey, we need to think about the history of the hair. To do this, we like to ask the questions:

“Who, What, Where, and How?”


Who are your donors? Do your donors have naturally dark hair? Do they have very coarse or very silky, fine hair?

This is very important to know when understanding the limitations of your hair and helps us know what to expect. Evaluating your bundles to know if your donors are eligible for an amazing color are very important!

In the evaluation, you will be able to assess factors like natural color and texture. Due to the fact that our hair is RAW in nature, all of our bundles can be color processed and achieve a beautiful color. However, to preserve the integrity of the hair, taking the knowledge and precautions we discuss in this post will aid to the longevity of your bundles.

Curly hair is naturally coarse, has a rougher cuticle, and is typically more porous than other textures. This makes this texture easier for the color to absorb color quickly. Due to this, the hair is more fragile and experiences dryness frequently. With curly and coarse textures it is important to moisturize and hydrate the hair post-color operation daily. If the hair is not properly nourished, you may experience breakage, damage, and rough cuticles due to chemical processing. To sum it up, when curly hair is over-processed and dry you will experience a change in texture and frizz. With this being said, we always recommend having hair colored by a professional and using a proper hair care regimen to combat any chemical damage.

With straight or wavy hair it is also important to be cautious to avoid damage. Though the hair is less coarse, this texture will process a lot quicker due its lower density. It is important to watch bundles while they are coloring diligently and encourage your stylist to do so as well. Remember, each bundle of YUMMY Hair is from one donor and not all bundles will color identically.


What is the processing history of the hair? What products can be used? Is the hair previously colored or is it in its raw natural state?

Knowing the what will allow you to understand which precautions you may need to take as well as knowing if the hair can withstand a chemical processing.

When purchasing Boss Hair it is important to know that all virgin hair and raw collections are chemically unprocessed and free from dyes, perms, and bleaches. The only chemically processed hair offered is our Raw Cambodian Blonde Wavy. This is intentionally offered to eliminate a step for our customers and provide convenience for DIY hair colorists.

Choosing products for the perfect install can be challenging since there are various types of hair color available. However, we do have a few tips for chemical processing with color:

  1. Use a professional Colorist whenever possible

  2. No developers over 20 volume, increase ONLY as last resort

  3. Semi and demi colors are recommended as they are more gentle on the hair than permanent color

  4. Add Bond Enforcers to chemical processing whenever possible

  5. Always deep condition after any chemical process with protein and moisture-based products


Where are you trying to go? And we don’t mean for dinner or for your summer vacation. The question, “Where are you trying to go?” refers to your final hair goal. Are you trying to be Platinum, Fiercely Red, Midnight Blue or Bossy Pink?

Knowing where you want to go will help you to properly map out a plan for navigation and how to get there safely with the integrity of your bundles still intact.

We suggest finding inspirations online for how you want your install to look and using your skin tone, eye color and original hair color as a guideline. If this is your first time with color, it is important to assess what colors will compliment your gorgeous features.


How does the hair look on you? You can have the best hair in the market, but if they hair isn't installed properly, you're not going to get the best bang for your buck! We're looking for the wow factor, would't you agree?

We all come from different walks of life, but enjoy some of the same looks.